Thursday, August 9, 2012

IPGP Visit to ACE - GS

22nd July, 2012 was another day of remembrance at Atharva Satellite Ground Station.
The Research team from Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris(IPGP),France in collaboration with IIT -B visited Atharva Satellite Ground Station in order to learn about our Ground Station and also to share details of their Ground Station.

The French team from included-
1. Mr. Pierdavide Coisson ( Professor - IPGP, France)
2. Hai Nguyen Van ( Team Member -IPGP, France)
3. Sofiaine ( Team Member – IPGP, France)
We also had two members of ‘Pratham’ Satellite team-
Tushar Jadhav.
Pushakar Godbole.

•The major topics discussed that day were complete functioning of our Ground – Station, project review taking into consideration progress made by all 3 teams.

•Different ways adopted to implement Ground- Station at IPGP- France, IIT-Bombay & Atharva Ground-Station and their benefits and limitations.

•Atharva Satellite Ground-Station team was exposed to Atmosphere & Ionosphere radio communication by Mr. Pierdavide Coisson ( Professor - IPGP, France) and Data acquisition techniques by the French team.

•Our team gave a full-fledged demonstration of satellite tracking using rotator system and different interfacing techniques.

•They appreciated the Weather –Station setup which is an additional feature to our Ground-Station.

•The French team & IIT- Bombay Satellite team acknowledged our efforts and the Ground-Station setup since ours is the only Ground-Station which is at the moment functional for ‘Pratham’.

Overall the day was one from which we learned many new things and also got to share our knowledge with others.

We hope for many such visits of research dignitaries to our ground station in the near future...

Team Ground-Station,
Atharva College Of Engineering.

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