Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming Radio-Active

15th March was a big day for Atharva Satellite Ground-Station.Two years before, we the new team became a part of this project and now here we were exhibiting the grand level it has reached. 

The day began with our project overview followed by a message from Dr Gunther, Head of communication Sub-System, DICE Satellite, SDL, Utah State University; an interactive session; APRS presentation/demo; a few words by Pioneers of project Piyush Garg who was present and Varun Joshi who joined fron Ohio through the net and ended with a demonstration at the Ground-Station set-up.

Sitting amongst the many dignitaries was our principal Dr Anupama Deshpande, feeling proud of her students. For the first time we had a Scientist from Vigyan Prasar, Department of Technology, GOI, Mr Sandeep Baruah at our College- his demonstartion and presentation on APRS was the highlight of our symposium. And for us who would sit and watch Vakil sir in amazement as he lectured, watching him sit and listen to our presentation was overwhelming!

IIT-B Pratham team made their presence felt- Tushar and Pushkar stayed till the very end and left with appreciation and congratulations. And so did the many amateur radio enthusiasts present at the symposium from Sandeep sir a HAM himself (VU2MUE) to our constant support VU2IVV who demonstrated HF communication with a Five9 radio link established from Atharva to Russia, Jordon, Saudi Arabia and Germany! Also present were VU2MGB (former PhysicsHOD Bhavans college), VU2HOT,VU2CMI,VU2JOY,VU2HIT, and Neurosurgeon Dr Ashish Mehta, Mr Anand Kezecutt (Thales Aerospace) who are awaiting their ham licences to name a few! Not forgetting Satish Sinnarkar Editor of TOI and Prof Dosani.

Whew! that's one big list! But then so was the day..

Being the day Atharva Satellite Ground-Station had its first satellite contact with VO-52 , communication being established with Dehli via the Satellite, 15th March 2012 was truely an "inauguration".15th March marks the day we became radio-active. 15th March 2012 is the day that epitomises our motto...

"We Innovate Communication...
        We Communicate Innovation..."

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