Monday, January 28, 2013

The YLs and OMs of Atharva Satellite Ground Station

Amateur radio is a community of people who use radio transmitters and receivers to communicate with others Amateur radio operators. Amateur radio operators are often called Ham Radio Operators or simply "HAMS". Amateur (HAM) Radio is truly a hobby but often what makes a difference is during emergencies and natural disasters. It is an activity of Self -Learning, Inter-Communication & Technical Investigation carried on between Amateur Radio Operators. HAMS often communicate over the radio waves using a hand-held transceiver, communicating digitally with packet radio to exchange personal messages or vital information or talking to other hams in space which clearly shows there is something for everyone.

Our technically inclined team thought HAM radio as a very good opportunity in order to get themselves well acquainted with communication so that they themselves could make use of the radio frequencies when it comes to communication with satellites. With this very thought they appeared for the Amateur HAM Radio exam conducted by Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

On November 10th, 2012 the team acquired their HAM licences and became international HAM’s. The boys are called Old Men(OM) and the girls are called Young Ladies(YL) in Amateur Radio terms. The licensed HAMS of the team are :-

Anuj Tiwari
Aniruddha Khadye
Divya Achar
Gaurav Shukla
Nikhil Joshi
Nirali Khandhar                                                                             
Pranav Athalaye
Ishan Kapse
Saurabh Sanghai
Siddharth Trivedi
Now as most of the team members are a licensed HAM, we can make use of the radio frequencies for communication. Even the current team is pursuing their course for appearing the HAM exam to acquire their licences at the earliest. We also hope to contact all base stations on Radio spectrum and spread our motto –

“We Innovate Communication...
  We Communicate Innovation..."
We look forward for some interactive inputs…

Team Ground–Station,
Atharva College of Engineering.

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