Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tracking Satellite Success

We started the new year with a target to complete link by fabricating antennas for both VHF and UHF band.
Research was undertaken by Team. Team a lot of papers and gained lots of insights on the following topics:
1. Protection of antennas from weather and degradation.
2. Design of Yagi Uda antenna in various methods,
3. Fabrication of Yagi Uda antenna in various methodology.

Apart from these topics we sat down and fixed a method to fabricate the antenna and complete the link setup and start receiving beacons from satellites.

During this period we found out that the essential part of fabrication is accuracy. Also, for a good SWR and Bandwidth the dipole is an essential part. The folding was undertaken by the indigenous brains inside the team who can build a solution in minutes. The folded dipole was then constructed using a former.

We got to work and fabricated 2 Yagis- 1 Antenna for 145Mhz and 1 Antenna for 437 Mhz and tested it with SWR meter. We did open air test and found the bandwidth of our antennas being huge for 145 Mhz. We got 1:1 SWR for frequency range of 140 Mhz to 150 Mhz.

In a same way we fabricated the 437 Mhz yagi and found a good bandwidth in open air test from 433 Mhz to 440 Mhz. We also used our Kenwood TM-V71A radio to listen on VHF band. We heard a conversation of HAMs on 145Mhz (Matheran Repeater).

In pursuing this endeavor we would like to thank the faculties and assistants in workshop lab for helping out.


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