Sunday, August 4, 2013

IEEE R10 Congress.. The Hyderabad Visit!!

IEEE R10 Student/Gold/WIE Congress in co-ordination with Lab – X foundation had organized an International Poster & Prototype Presentation Competition with an initiative to empower Indian students to represent themselves at an International platform. As we felt our project has a opportunity to receive an international acclaim, we decided to participate in it.

We submitted two abstracts pertaining to the systems used in our Ground-Station, Satellite Ground-Station: TEC measurement & Communication on VHF & UHF bands and Antenna Rotor Mechanism & Satellite Tracking system. Two days later, we received the call all of us were eagerly awaiting. We had been selected as one of the finalists in the competition!!! The abstract selected was ‘Antenna Rotor Mechanism & Satellite tracking system’.

 We worked hard on preparing the poster which was then reviewed by our seniors & submitted. We also worked on honing our presentation skills. Finalizing the contents, getting ready all the paper work in place, preparing for the journey, there was lot of work to be done.

Poster Presented

We embarked on an exciting expedition; the journey to the city of Pearls, Hyderabad! On 11th of July our team departed from Mumbai with our poster.

13th July was the D- day! The day of Presentation. The presentation was at Hotel Taj Krishna. Along with us, there were teams from all over the world representing their respective colleges and universities, showcasing innovative ideas extremely commendable. It was a really nice exposure to team Ground-Station. Along with the competition, there were conferences by International speakers on various topics like Human Centric - Technology & ResearchEnergy and Environment Conservation, Sustaining the Future, Start-up ideas and young Entrepreneurs, etc.

The competition judges were present and IEEE Presidents Moshe Kam, Roberto de Marca, Peter Staecker and Michael Lightner and delegates of the congress included IEEE Presidents from various regions. 

Few of the projects / prototypes displayed were:-
Team with the Poster.
    1. Bio-energy And Bio-plastic production by Lignocellulosic Market Waste.
    2. Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Modular Platform.
    3. Cognitive Learning Assisted Robotic Arm (CLARA)
    4. Weather Station Data analysis using MATLAB.
    5. Solarian Effect: Trapping of Sun’s Energy for Fresh Drinking Water.
    6. The Humanoid Robot.
    7. Infinity Printer.
    8.  Low cost handover in Leo - Satellites.

The judges and dignitaries appreciated our work at college level & were glad to see and advanced communication project. They appreciated the presentation and also gave us suggestions for further development. We had a very good discussion with most of the dignitaries. Many universities currently working on launching Student Satellites took great interest in our project.

Ground - Station Team
This conference proved to be a excellent learning exposure for the team. The response and appreciation we received there was simply overwhelming and motivated us to stay true to our motto....

We Innovate Communication,
                                                                     We Communicate Innovation!!!”

Looking forward for an interactive response....

Team Ground Station,
Atharva College of Engineering.

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