Current Team

We had many enthusiastic students participating for the selection. But only after rigorous and monitored training for a month we were able to filter out 8 students out of the many who applied. On 13th July 2016, this new team was selected to carry forward the baton of responsibility of our Ground Station. The students were selected solely from FE and SE. They had to work with the two students of BE from the previous team. These new 8 students are now part of the Atharva Satellite Ground Station team.

The members of the current working team are:

  1.  Ishani Engineer - BE ELEC
  2.  Saniya Vichare - BE ELEC
  3.  Vijetha Jogu-BE ELEC
  4.  Omkar Phadke- BE ELEX
  5.  Gaurav Kundu- BE EXTC 
  6.  Kavan Raval -TE ELEC
  7.  Nikita Patil- TE EXTC 
  8.  Gaurav Raje - TE ELEX

What will the new team do?
1. Sustain, monitor and further advance the current Ground Station setup.
2. To work on payloads for High Altitude Balloon. 
3. Try to establish contact with International Space Station with ARISS program.
4. Collaborate with other universities and satellite projects.
5. Track amateur satellites.

Every team has its own reign, after the end of the term of this team, We will again be keen to select candidates for the next team that will advance on the work done till ours. We will be updating once we feel the need to have a new team and we will spread the word. The only thing we can let out this time is the pattern of the selection procedure, That is, what phases will the candidate have to go through during the selection. The selection routine can last for about two months.

Selection procedure will include:

1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Training.
4. Personal Interview

Keep visiting, for more updates on team selection for the next term.
We Believe that,'  Sky Is The Limit!'
So here's a chance for all those who want to step  out in the practical world of communication...

"We Innovate Communication,
     We Communicate Innovation!!! "

- Satellite Ground Station Team.