Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lightning Fast 5G is here

5G is still in implementation phase but the 5th generation of Atharva Satellite Ground Station is already here. After a rigorous process of team selection, the energetic team of 5th Generation of ACE-GS has been selected. With new energy and new dreams the team will undergo training under various topics ranging from communication to fundamentals of EM waves. The remaining projects will be undertaken by Aishwarya Sansare and Ketkee Kambli from the 4th Generation and the new team.

The new members joining are:
1. Harshita Singh -BE EXTC
2. Ishani Engineer - TE ELEC
3. Saniya Vichare - TE ELEC
4. Vijetha Jogu-TE ELEC
5. Omkar Phadke- TE ELEX
6. Gaurav Kundu- TE EXTC
7. Kavan Raval -SE ELEC
8. Nikita Patil- SE EXTC
9. Gaurav Raje - SE ELEX
Along with them from the previous team
1. Aishwarya Sansare- BE EXTC and
2. Ketkee Kambli -BE EXTC 

We congratulate all the selected members and wish for their bright future.

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